Noni & Aloe Moisturiser


Noni & Aloe Moisturiser is a light Natural moisturiser for teen, acne and oily skin types.  Formulated with the clinically proven Cosmetic Active ingredient Quora Noni™ to rebalance the skin microbiome and give you a smoother, non greasy appearance.  Formulated to be gentle on teen, sensitive and acne|oily skin.
Key Benefits

QUORA NONI™ reduced the area with pores by -48% (max -92%) and the number and size of pores at 30 days

QUORA NONI™ reduced the sebum production by-28% (max -62%) after 30 days. Sebum control without drying the skin!

QUORA NONI™ reduced the appearance of acne by -15% (max -80%) after 30 days

Key Ingredients

QUORA NONI™ a clinically proven Cosmetic Active Ingredient

Phyto-compound Nutrient rich, “true to nature” extracts of Australian Lemon Myrtle, Finger Lime and Quandong, high in Ferulic and amino acids suitable for problem and sensitive skin.  These superior Australian Botanical extracts are extracted using cellular technology, where less plant material is needed to produce active material, extracted in rain harvested water, are eco-sustainable, and fully traceable to source.

Organic Jojoba oil is abundant in essential fatty acids and minerals, and is very close to the skins own oil, making it a perfect acne-friendly oil.

Organic Aloe Vera juice base.

Fragrance Free

Made with Australian grown Extracts, and Certified Organic Ingredients, Peanut and Nut Oil Free


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