We answer some of the most common Natural Skincare and natural beauty product questions

Are all your ingredients natural?

Yes.  All the ingredients we use are natural or naturally derived.  Natural is similar to the starting product, like your cold pressed oils.  Naturally derived is where it has undergone some processing that is approved by COSMOS standards like some essential oils, fermentation and foaming surfactants.

What are natural fragrances?

Our fragrances are made from vegetable/plant isolates, these include essential oils and essential oil isolate to create an aroma that you will love.

Why do you use preservatives in natural skincare?

It is safer for a product that contains water which is a high bio burden of microbes to have a preservative than to put microbes on your body and the potential harm they can cause.  Some people have had permanent eye damage from inadequately preserved eye products and deaths from a room spray.  The preservatives we use are naturally derived and approved by COSMOS.

Are your products suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes.  Our products have been formulated for sensitive skin but can be used by anyone.  We always recommend doing a patch test prior to use to see if any reaction occurs.  Because we are all different and what doesn’t affect one person may react for another so it is always best to patch test first.

Can we use your products on children?

Yes.  Fragrance free products are advised as fragrance and essential oils can be irritating on children.  The Fragrance Free Body lotion could be used on babies but we don’t advise any face moisturisers due to fragrance or essential oils.  Always patch test first on babies and children.  This can be done by applying a small amount to the inner elbow or behind the ear, wait 24 hours to see if a reactions occurs.  If no reaction occurs, then apply a small amount to the areas you need.  Stop using if a reaction occurs.

Can we use your products when pregnant?

Some of our products contain essential oils and it is best to check with your Doctor first.  While some essential oils have been classified as safe for pregnancy and breast feeding, some are unknown as this would involve putting an unborn baby at risk to study the effects of the oil.  This is why we advise checking with your Doctor, because we are not a qualified medical practitioner to give you a definite answer.

Why can your aroma and colour change from batch to batch?

Aroma and colour can change in our products, because they are made from natural sources.  Some raw materials can vary from batch to batch due to growing conditions such as drought, fire, heavy rain.   These conditions can change the appearance or aroma of the raw material.  There is nothing wrong with changes to the aroma or colour, it still works the same just a little different in colour or smell.